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When you’re ready to buy one of the biggest investments in your life, you need to make sure you use a trustworthy and knowledgeable home inspector to do your property inspection. The best place in the Paso Robles area to call is On The Mark Home Inspectors at (805) 287-0817. Besides being a certified home inspector as well as a certified fire and water technician, I was also a general contractor for 23 years and have my California state general contractor’s license.

When you call me for my home inspection services, I will explain my prices before setting up an appointment to see the property. I am extremely thorough with my residential and commercial inspection and include photos so you can see exactly what I’m referring to in my report.

For the exterior, I’ll check the perimeter looking for cracks and inspecting vents, fascia boards, roof edges and windows. I’ll make sure that the water pressure coming into the house is in working order then take a look at the electrical panel, environmental units, and wiring going into the home.

On the interior I’ll be going from room to room to ensure that the electrical outlets, flooring, plumbing, and everything else is in working order.

In the attic I’ll be on the lookout for water stains and make sure that the insulation levels are correct, but I don’t stop there. The garage and crawl space will also be inspected before using my software program to create a fully detailed and itemized report.

If you’re a potential homebuyer in Paso Robles, you need to determine what types of repairs need to be done to a home. This report cannot only affect the purchase price, but also helps you know as much about the home as possible.

For the best home inspector in the Paso Robles area, the only place you need to call is On The Mark Home Inspectors at (805) 287-0817.

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